Hey guys – Friday afternoon I was pumped.  I had done a bunch of work, had a nice social weekend lined up and I went for a 2hr walk along the beach.

I got back at about 5pm and BOOM – the shit had hit the fan!!!

At first Kip (my server admin) and I didn’t know what it was, we thought maybe a member had published their password but either way one of my servers had crashed.  So instead of going for dinner with friends on Friday night I worked until 2am.

Turns out one of my servers had a hard drive failure.  I just researched it and a hard drive has a .88% change of failure in a single year – this year thus far I’ve had 4 hard drive failures – must be all the speedo movies you guys are watching!!!

Things are all back online now after a pretty darn busy weekend.  If any members of SwimmerBoyz.com or SpeedosNextDoor.com were effected – please contact me (DaveEvans@SwimmerBoyz.com or Webmaster@SpeedoMoviesPage.com) and I will make sure you get your money’s worth.

Sorry for any hassles and I’ll make it up to anyone who feels out of pocket.

Tomorrow I’m off to court to deal with my DUI or whatever we call it in Australia now.  I’ve got a few projects and travel plans in the works but I didn’t want to confirm anything until I got this out of the road (I didn’t run or crash or anything – was pulled over by a booze bus a month or so ago).  Tough weekend, tough Monday tomorrow but hopefully I’ll be in a much happier place this time next week.

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