No I’m not talking about sex while driving – hahahaha.

Recently I’ve been trying to make the most of the end of fall, I’m running at least 4 days a week, still swimming, I’m drinking less booze and I’ve never done as much work as I have this month. All positive things but I have noticed a definite drop in my sex drive.

This week for example – I fucked Natalie on Sunday morning and since then I haven’t had a wank.

I’m a three times a day kind of guy.

Once I finish this post I”m off for a swim and I’ll either get myself off in the showers there (hoping to get caught) or I’ll come home, tear off my speedos and cum all over myself.

But, this is definitely weird me going three days. Maybe it is biorhythms, maybe it is the weather being a little colder I don’t know. If it becomes a problem I’m sure less work and more scotch will be a quick fix – hahaha.

If only I had someone to cum on this afternoon…….

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