I haven’t caught up will Will since before I left for Colorado and last week I was particularly horny – like ‘6 times a day jerking off’ horny. I tried to organise some hookups but nothing seemed to pan out. I can always rely on Will to give me the ‘release’ I need.

Do you guys find you get super antsy when not getting laid for a while? Maybe it is because I was bored as well but sometimes it drives me nuts.

So I headed down on Friday afternoon and met Will at his apartment after work – it seemed that he was just as horny as I was and we ended up running late for dinner…. Even at dinner all I could think about was getting Will back to his place, stripping him down to his black speedos (which I knew he was wearing) and going at it.

Needless to say…. that is exactly what we did when we finally got home.

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