I think we have the first members of our Speedo Sex Club!!!

Last nights double date went great. It pretty much went as planned, we had a couple of drinks at Quandry then dinner at Kenosha and then sex at Kip’s. The guys use Grindr a bunch and loved the idea of a sex club.

I had some pics that I wanted to show you guys and it kinda tied into what happened yesterday afternoon. The guys who came over yesterday were well trimmed, Kip and I are always shaved or maybe have some kind of runway.

It is 2013 – I can’t believe that some people (guys or girls) will just leave the jungle to itself.

What do you guys think about the ol’ “Shaven Haven”?

Trim the Pubic Hair

One thought on “Shaven Haven”
  1. Are you serious? What does being 2013 have to do with body hair preference. If anything body hair on men is currently very in, different from the last decade where uber metrosexuals were praised.

    I like the trend

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