I saw this pics below and I had a giggle to myself and I thought maybe you guys might enjoy it as well.

Nothing really happening here today – the weather is just as bad and just when I was thinking of going for a walk…. it started raining.  The ocean is really rough and I haven’t even been in the salt water yet.  I do have the house to myself during the day though so if it is like this tomorrow I’ll have to try and find some ‘inside activities’.

I have been meaning to discuss the kind of people who are up here on the Central Coast – I suppose after being away you look at things a little differently.  First off is how many amazingly hot some of the women are here.  On Friday night at the pub I couldn’t believe the number of short skirts and what phenominal bodies some of these girls had.  We keep hearing about how obesity is some pandemic but it hasn’t effected the Terrigal Pub too much.

And the guys are fit but there isn’t a whole lot of ‘class’ amongst the fellas.

Please don’t shoot me – this is just my perception after living in the the US for the last 8 months and coming back and if you disagree with me I’d love to hear about it and I’ll admit to being wrong if that is the case.

There is a lot of tattoos amongst the guys, there were two scuffles where guys got kicked out and it is a shame.  The guys I hang out with are in their late 20’s and there is only really one guy in the group who behaves anti-socially and he has moved down to Melbourne now so he wasn’t out.

I’d love to hear what you guys think – unfortunately I do a lot better with the girls in America.  Aussie accent doesn’t work as well on Aussie girls – I’d love to get some of my bachelor American mates over here though – I reckon they’d tear the place up.

Fingers crossed for some better weather tomorrow – I’m keen to get up and explore ‘Birdie Beach’ which I’m told is a nude friendly beach that I haven’t been to before.

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