I have emerged from my bed after a HUGE Saturday night.

Over the holidays I have been pretty well behaved.  With Kip’s friends and family in town I’ve been the designed driver a bunch and with it being busy we haven’t been out much either.

That all changed on Saturday night.  I was behaving myself, working and having a few quiet ones and then Kip got a call from mates who were in town and we headed out.  I think we left the house at about 11pm, we got back to the house for hottub around 3am (bars close around 2am I think so I’m not sure what we did for an hour).

Everyone was just having a good time and Kip and I finally made it to bed about 6am!!!  Kip’s mates had their own accommodation so we didn’t have any guests which was probably a good thing as Kip and I had some very drunk and very sloppy sex.

It wasn’t a pretty sight when we woke up around midday.  The house was a mess, Kip and I were a mess and it felt like I had been kicked in the head.  I showered and then went back to bed.  I finally emerged after sunset and ordered some Fatties Pizza and Kip and I watched a couple of movies with full bellies and my head started to feel kind of normal.

Slept in this morning but we are going to go out for a snowboard and start the week afresh.

If I don’t drink another Margarita before I leave I won’t be upset.

I do love drunken sloppy sex though.  With guys or girls I find people aren’t as worried about things and loose some inhibitions.  AND, I last a lot longer which is always a good thing right?  My arse might have recovered by tomorrow but until then Kip isn’t allowed near it – hahaha.

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