I really don’t want to leave America but I am starting to think about my next move.

I don’t have to leave and it is awesome hanging out here with Kip but I am looking forward to getting back to the beach and some non-hottub speedo weather.

My original plan was to go back to the Central NSW Coast in early Feb – the summer holidays are chaos (Dec and Jan) so I wanted to avoid them but Feb is perfect for me to come back and I should be able to find a house near or on the beach as I have done in the past.

One thought was that on my way back I’d stop in and snowboard at Lake Tahoe, I’ve driven through there but haven’t gotten to ride there and maybe drop into Japan and ride there as well.  I have some Aussie mates who are planning a trip in late Jan early Feb so I could tag along on their trip.

As you guys know, I love asian guys but I still don’t have my asian wings – I’d hope that a trip to Japan could help me out with that…..

Speaking of asian guys – does anyone get the whole hentai porn thing?  The cartoon porn?  Here is something that looks hot but I’m not really sure it does it for me.

Let me know what you guys think.

Japanese Speedo Porn
Japanese Speedo Artist
Speedo Porn

4 thoughts on “Snowboarding in Japan”
  1. The photos make no sense at all.

    Jesus Christ, post more and quit fuckin’ around with Kip or whoever. Shit gets old as hell really quick. Thank you.

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