Well my plans for today, which weren’t in concrete, have all fallen through and I’m sitting here doing some work. The run of stunning wear has ended and it is overcast and windy now. Looking down the beach I can see maybe 3 people in total.

Yesterday golf sucked, kinda like watching a soccer game, 6hrs that I will never get back.

After golf I went to one of the local beaches for a swim. This is about half an hour, maybe a little morth north of where I live and as you can see it is very pretty.

First person who can name the lighthouse gets a month subscription to my site www.SwimmerBoyz.com

2 thoughts on “Soldiers Beach”
  1. I think I got it right first on aussiespeedoguy.net too

    Norah Head Lighthouse

    Does that mean I get a free week for each? 😉

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