It is a gorgeous Sunday here in Breckenridge (OK there is a little bit of wind). Makes me feel like I want to be on a boat, lying around and soaking up the sun in my speedo.

Just imagine the fun that I’d have if I had a nice big boat. I think that Sean Ashby (guy who founded AussieBum) has a big boat that he keeps in Sydney Harbour.

Anyone out there got a boat they want to speedo party on?

I’m starting to plan what I do when I leave here. I am really not sure what to do. I could stay in the US for the summer either in the mountains with Kip or maybe San Francisco, I could head back to the Central NSW Coast concentrate on work for the winter and line up a big Xmas/summer, I have enough friends in New Zealand if I wanted another winter. As they say – the world is my oyster.

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