Thanks for all your kind emails and comments guys.

Seems like we are all on the same page in that my use of ‘speedo’ is as a generic form but I have no idea how the legal stuff works. And, I can’t blame the Speedo Corporation or their lawyers for doing what they think is right – even if we think they are wrong.

Anyways, it is far too nice a day to be worried about these sort of things. It is a beautiful day and you could just about water ski off the beach here. Time for a walk and a swim – not sure I’ll be wearing white ‘swimwear’ but will be wearing my AussieBum Portseas so say g’day if you are walking along the beach.

One thought on “Speedo Corporation”
  1. I read the SMH this morning and think Speedo is crazy. This is just homophobic bullyimng.

    I have put an article in support in

    Hope evrything works out OK

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