Today I went to the pool for a swim and Kip was out doing some errands when I left. I have the red Durango (my SUV) but it was nice enough to walk down to the rec center.

On the way home I thought I’d pick up some bread and milk for the house and while I’m walking down the isle I hear this voice in my right ear….. speedo coming up behind you.

It was Kip, he had the same idea on his way home and snuck up on me.

When I turned around he pulled down the front of his jeans to flash the Australian Flag Turbo’s that I bought him for Xmas.

I was wearing a pair of Aussiebum Porsteas – I swam in a pair of black Speedo brand speedos.

Let me tell you…. Kip and I were down to our speedos seconds once we got back into the house and there were some very pornographic things done to each other.

Goes to show, you never know if the guy walking past you in the shopping isle might have a speedo fetish too.

Aussie SpeedoAussie SpeedosAussie Speedos

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