Last night (Friday night and St. Paddy’s day) Kip and I had a big night. No snow here and Spring Break crowds so we didn’t expect to be snowboarding early on Saturday morning.

Some guys we know from Denver were up so it was 4 gay guys hitting the town!!!

Kip’s sister was spending the weekend down in Fort Collins or Boulder or somewhere so we had the house to ourselves. 4 gay guys (Kip and I consider ourselves bi), pretty much unlimited speedo supply, a little bit of booze and a hottub – what could possibly happen.

Well the Denver guys got up mid afternoon and the four of us pretty much just chilled out on Kip’s deck with some beers in hand. As the sunset (pretty late these days with daylight savings) we were grilling and things got a little colder and we had to put shirts on – bummer.

By half 9 we were all in the mood to drink and head out on the town – otherwise things would have just decended into naughtiness and the four of us would have been fucked and sound asleep before midnight – which was not the goal of the day at all. So we got dress – the gay guys too a lot longer than the bi guys of course and we all agreed to be wearing speedos under our pants/jeans.

Then we went out – I wasn’t really that hammered so I wasn’t quite in the mood to dance when we first went out but the other guys were. None of the places in Breck are all that gay but Kip and the Denver boys were tearing upt he dance floor and I ended up talking to a few different girls at the bar. Nothing too crazy but they did love my Aussie accent – which I might have thickened up a little – think Steve Irwin or Mick Dundee. I did have to show my drivers licence as proof a couple of times. The girls in Breck are pretty hot and it was packed as you can expect from a Spring Break weekend.

We moved on to 2 more bars before things started to wind down – I think the bars have to close at either 1am or 2am. I did get up on the dance floor later in the evening/morning.

No girls or guys to bring home with us but as the 4 of us walked home there were several comments about just how horny we all were.

Back home we all stripped down and got into the hottub. Things moved from G-rated to X-rated pretty quickly.

Kip and I have partied in and out of the bedroom with the Denver boys for a while and the four of us are comfortable with each other. The Denver boys have been partners for a couple of years and only ever play together and they love playing with Kip and me.

There was ample supply of rubbers and lube and the making out and speedo fondling started with Kip and I each taking one of the Denver boys – or was it the Denver boys taking one of us each. It ended up that I was the first one sitting on the edge of the hottub with the front of my AussieBum Portsea down under my balls. Denver boy number 1 was sucking my cock when Denver boy number 2 saw this and decided to join in. Kip sat up next to me on the edge of the hottub and we continued making out.

I had to stop the Denver boys from working on my cock and balls because I wanted this to last and with the long day and drinking I wasn’t sure I’d be able to cum twice (I later found out that cumming twice was no problem at all). So I tucked my raging boner in my speedo – I tried to do up the drawstring but it just wasn’t going to work until I cooled down a little bit.

The Denver boys started giving Kip the same attention that I just had.

And I moved around behind the Denver boys who raised their cute butts out of the water – very polite of them.

Undoing their speedo drawstrings was a little tough with them both leaning over working on Kip but I seemed to manage. I pull their speedos down to show me their welcoming arseholes. With a squirt of lube – I had 2 fingers in each of the Denver boys.

I’ve gotta fly guys – I’ll finish this story later tonight and post it here tomorrow for you.

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