Wow I can’t believe it is Thursday already – where the hell did the week go?

I saw the doctor earlier in the week and he gave me the all clear. I asked if I could go snowboarding for a week or so and he said that was fine. Whoohooo!!!! I’m back to 100% – a rather unpleasant 3 weeks of my life but all good now which is the most important part.

There has been one interesting development over the last couple of days – the Speedo Corporate isn’t happy about me using the first part of their name, the ‘Speedo’ part, not the Corporation part.

It is no big deal (I’m not sure how they can take me to court in Australia when the sites are owned and run offshore).

I do understand their point BUT my use of the word speedo is in a generic sense – how many photos on this site feature ‘Speedo’ brand speedos? Maybe 10%?

Anyways – I’ll talk about this a little more later.

Here is one of my all time favourite ‘Speedo’ brand photos….

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