As I’m sure it is with every business, I have too many ideas and not enough time or capital to pump into all of the ideas/projects I have in mind.

One of the things I already spend a lot of time and money on is new movies for my site This has been an ongoing thing since I started the site but of course, I want to do more and make better movies.

The other day I saw that a bunch of local snowboarders here in Breckenridge wanted to produce a movie. How they did it was they created a trailer and asked for donations as low as $1. These kids raised over $1,000 for their movie project.

I was thinking of doing something similar for a movie with one of my new producers. Movie featuring 3 or 4 guys would cost about $2,000:

  • Every donation gets a vote on which models should be in the movie.
  • Every donation gets a vote on what speedo each model should wear.
  • $30 donation gets membership to until the movie is produced.
  • $100 donation gets one of the speedos worn during the shoot.

Could be done using PayPal which is easy. Just my first ideas, what do you guys think?

Here are some of the models that are on offer……

Speedo ModelSpeedo ModelSpeedo ModelSpeedo ModelSpeedo Model

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