Have you ever convinced someone to wear a speedo?

Saturday afternoon here and I’ve got some friends skiing in Vail dropping by and one of the guys asked if he could borrow some swimming attire for a hottub. Then he messaged, not a speedo thanks. Hahahaha. That was exactly what I had in mind too.

Over the years I’ve been able to late night hottub and enforce a ‘speedo only’ policy which has been fun and after a few minutes everyone was just as comfortable as if they were wearing whatever they would normally wear.

Kip’s sister had a boyfriend a little while back and he very very reluctantly speedo’d it up because we had a ‘speedo party’. Kip’s sister was the one doing the convincing though.

Would love to hear if you guys have any stories of getting guys to speedo it up.

Speedo Man

3 thoughts on “Speedo Pressure”
  1. I took my girlfriend’s English cousin to the beach. He was maybe 10 years younger than me, and backpacking – travelling light – hadn’t come equipped with a Speedo. I had recently ‘graduated’ into a sheer pink Speedo with 1 inch sides which I was just game enough to wear – and just fit enough, but I hadn’t worn a new blue Speedo with string sides that I bought myself as a reward for getting fitter. I changed into the pink one and teamed it with a tight short T shirt – and drove him to the beach – he in his cargo pants – but making sure I had the blue one and another green one with 2 inch sides along for the ride. I knew once he saw the water the Speedo would appeal – he’d already knocked it back once but we arrived and I stripped off in the car park making sure to flex and bend and let my pink Speedo ride down onto the top of my cock. He realised how constricting the pants would be, so I pressed the Speedos on him again – you know, this is what all the guys wear, you’ll be more comfortable, etc. And would you believe, he picked the blue string sided one, the sides barely as thick as a finger. This guy was fit – great firm body – stripped off behind a tree and slipped them on and wore them low on the hips like a regular – no wedgie here, just low all round – a good hint of bum crack. They were tight on him – he had a neat package – and we spent an hour frolicking in the surf and then the lagoon, and then we walked along the rocks. We didn’t fuck, but I didn’t hold back my erection and he masturbated me and then let me suck him off. Speedos – the gift that keeps on giving.

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