Didn’t Geraldo Rivera just get in trouble for taking a selfie? He is looking good for 70yo but I think that maybe 70yo’s should not be allowed on Twitter.

Geraldo's Selfie

Here is a post of some speedo selfies – not of 70yo dudes.

This weekend Kip and I are just chilling out at home. I’m up early for a Saturday (it isn’t even 6pm yet which is crazy). I might watch the F1 qualifying and then maybe go for a hike, then an afternoon nap (I love afternoon naps!!!).

Next weekend should be a big one though – the Denver boys are coming up for a beer festival in neighboring Keystone. Well maybe Kip and I will take some new selfies later today and see how they work on Grindr tonight.

Speedo SelfieG-Banger under speedosSelf PicSelfie wearing red speedoSelf Pics

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