I’m not sure when I started ‘The Speedo Forum’ but it has been something that I just let roll along pretty much on its own.

It has had a few reincarnations over the years, I lost a domain from the Evil Speedo Corporation, earlier in the year it was pretty much taken over my spam bots selling everything from Viagra to long distance phone calls to India. Being a site that I run for free, I can’t spend too much time on it either.

These days it seems to be running great. New members have to sign up and email me to have their account activated which is a bit of a pain but it has ensured that all the members are real people.

The guys over there are great. It is a great place to ask speedo questions and post some of your own photos.

The guy in the pics below is a new member of TheSpeedoForum.com and after he posted some really hot pics of himself in some of my favourite speedos I asked him if I could post some of his pics on here. He asked me to be discrete and not mention his name but he said I could tell you guys that he is an Aussie, is 21yo, he loves being activing and surfs, swims and runs a bunch and he has worn speedos his whole life and he loves them.

I think I love him the way he wears those ADIDAS 3-stripe speedos. Also those plain black ones are an AussieBum league (I think that is what they call them) with a seam down the front which I’ve loved and have a pair in white as well as black.

Enjoy these pics and drop over to www.TheSpeedoForum.com and check it out if you haven’t already.

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