Years ago an online friend of mine, Patrick, had broken up with a long term boyfriend and had a trip planned for Fiji. With nobody to go with him and feeling a bit down Patrick asked me if I wanted to go along.

It was the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, I did it again 6 months later on a trip to Mexico.

Patrick was just as nice in real life as he was online, we hit it off and both being speedo fans it was an intense week of a LOT of sex.

This story is part of the library of stories that I have on – half are of my experiences that I’ve written of the years and half are from guys who have submitted their own erotic speedo experiences. You really should drop over and check them out –

It has been a couple of days since I told you guys what Patrick and I have been been getting up to in our speedos here in Fiji.

I’ll give you a run down of some fun we had yesterday afternoon. It was around 4:30pm and we had a higher tide in the afternoon. Patrick and I headed down to the beach from our bungalow for a swim – we have adopted a ‘speedos only’ policy whenever we are in our bungalow. The water is nice and warm and both Patrick and I have gotten nice and brown from all this sun.

There is literally nobody else in the water as far as the eye can see and Patrick and I end up play wrestling in the water. Unlike ‘real’ wrestling grabbing of genitals, pulling down of speedos and arse finger is encouraged – hehehe. As usual both of us end up horny as well and decide to take our boner back up to our bungalow.

We walk back up the beach with our raging hardons. Nobody is around but I feel very naughty walking around in the sunshine outside with my cock struggling to be released from the lycra of my black speedos.

Back in our bungalow Patrick and I put on a fresh pair of dry speedos. Time for more wrestling but this time on the bed. I’m a little taller and bigger than Patrick so I come up on top… as usual – hehehe. With Patrick pinned down I have a spare hand which I used to rub Patrick’s arse and that smooth bit of skin between your balls and your arsehole. By now Patrick is dying to cum and you guys know how much I love to tease…. It takes me another 5 minutes to successfully tie Patricks hands to the headboard of the bed with a pair of speedos – he knows that I’m going to tease him for as long as I can and he is really wanting to cum now so he does put up a pretty serious fight. His struggling was to no avail though – now he is on his back, hands tied to the headboard and I’m tying his feet to the bed legs.

With Patrick nice and secure I can go to work on im….

I start by lying my body on his, our cocks rubbing against each other, and I kiss Patrick. He is one of the best kissers I’ve ever known. The kissing lasts a good 5 minutes (without a breath) until I begin to feel our precum soaking our speedos.

Moving from Patrick’ mouth I head south to his belly button which I start rimming. I’ve never experienced this myself before this week but Patrick loves giving me a belly button rim and it feels really nice. So far I haven’t even touched Patrick’s cock or his speedos with my hands.

After some belly button rimming I get up and leave Patrick. I walked into the lounge, poured myself a scotch and turned on the tv – Patrick was moaning for me to ‘finish what I started’ so I closed the door to the bedroom – hehehe.

I figured I’d give him 15 minutes and if he was still horny I’d sit on his cock.

2 scotches and 15 minutes later I’m still hard and I’m hoping that Patrick is too. I opened a condom and grabbed the lube (there are condoms and lube all over the bungalow). I removed my speedos and walked in to see how Patrick was surviving his imprisonment.

Thankfully he was still hard and he was begging me to let him cum. I didn’t say a word, I got up on the bed, pulled his cock out the side of his speedos, put the condom on, covered it in lube and then I in 1 go I sat on his cock taking it all the way to the hilt. It hurt a bit – I normally have to take it slow – but it was worth it. I was right down on his cock and stroking myself.

I wasn’t riding up or down on Patrick’s cock at all but as I approached my own orgasm I could feel by arse clenching Patrick’s cock.

I came over Patrick’s stomach (not much cum because I’ve been cumming a lot lately) and Patrick came at the same time buried deep in my arse. With only a single down stroke I had made Patrick cum. And to think that I’m getting paid for this guys – hehehe.

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