You guys know that I love Monday’s!!!!

I was up early this morning, went down to the rec center for a swim and got home and stuck into some work. I don’t know what it is but Monday feels like a fresh start and we don’t normally party on Sunday night so I wake up feeling great. The weather has been pretty nasty recently so otherwise it is going to be a day inside working away.

What I’ve been looking forward to showing you guys is the complete photo archive of Hawaii Speedo Student. For those of you who haven’t heard of him, he made the mainstream news a few years ago after having some photos taken of him around his college campus in speedos (AussieBum mainly). He got into all sorts of trouble.

I’ve spoken to Hawaii Speedo Student over the years and even hosting a blog for him at one point. He is really nice and one day I hope we’ll meet in person.

Here are all 173 photos that I’ve put together of Hawaii Speedo Student and I also have his first, and only thus far, full length speedo film which is amazing!!!!!

Drop by my site – and check it out.

Hawaii Speedo Student

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