I really haven’t done anything fun in speedos….. I mean I’ve done lots of ‘naughty’ things in speedos of course but I have never been very public in my speedo shenanigans. I suppose I’m not the guy who gets nude whenever he drinks either.

I knew a guy once who had a 2 drink limit before he would nude it up. 100% str8 guy but holy moly did I get to see his junk. Once on a ski trip in Australia he nuded up and ran up the hill and slid down the half pipe on a mat which he fell off and ended up not being able to snowboard for the rest of the trip because he tore off so much skin.

I’d love to hear if you guys have speedo’d it up in fun places….

Speedo Slippery SlideSpeedo Jet SkiSpeedo FitSmall SpeedoSpeedo Scuba DivingATV in a speedo

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