Someone mentioned the word ‘Speedophile’ to me the other day in an email.

To be honest I had never heard of it in context and after checking up urban dictionary I had to scroll down to find the ‘speedo swimsuit’ related meaning.

Speedophile is a Petrol-Head who’s ONLY concern is “How Fast It Goes”…………They see points as prizes, and have usualy got more than one speeding conviction, but see it as an injustice, rather than a warning they are going too fast.
Thie last resting place is usualy wrapped round a tree.

However, I think this is the meaning which more applies to us….

Speedophile is someone who has an unnatural penchant for wearing Speedo style swimming trunks.

Although I would argue that there is nothing unnatural about it at all – if anything boardies are what are unnatural.

If I got a bunch of bumped stickers like this made up…. would you put it on the back of your car?

One thought on “Speedophile”
  1. you must be one of the few young blokes who has the attitude that speedos are better than boardies most other guys around your age wouldnt be seen dead in a pair of speedos

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