So far I’ve been really good about the ‘spring cleaning’ of my life/daily habits. I’ve been boarding a bunch (mountain closes this weekend so I need to make the most of it) but it is feeling very wintery. The most alcohol I’ve drank was half a glass of wine last night. I’ve been running (at the Rec Centre) every day and I am crazy sore!!!

I think you need goals so my first goal is to loose 20lbs (a touch under 10kgs). I have no idea how long this will take – hopefully not too long since I do have a bit of a ‘winter coat’ so the first 10lb shouldn’t be too hard.

As a reward I am going to hold off buying any new speedos until I reach that goal and once I do…. I am going to replace my pretty well worn ADIDAS three-stripe speedos with some new ones.

ADIDAS SpeedosADIDAS Black Speedos

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