I’m down in Denver for the weekend and it is crazy down here.

I’ve never really been out or partied down here and Kip and I are staying with our Denver speedo buddies – you’ve heard what we have gotten up to between the four of us up in the mountains. One of the guys had a birthday so Kip and I thought we’d shoot the hour and a bit drive down and party it up.

This place is amazing!!!!

Last night we went out to Stoney’s bar to watch a basketball game between Kansas and I don’t know who. One of the Denver boys went to that university and the bar is the home of the KU fans so it was rather loud considering Kansas won. Then today we have been hanging out in Washington Park. I’ve never seen anything like this in my life. There has to be maybe 20,000 people in the park. Everyone is having fun and behaving well. Lots of volleyball games going on and maybe a little beer drinking. These Denver folks use their parks like we use our beaches.

Lots of guys shirtless and girls in bikinis – whooohoooo!!!!!

Hope you guys had a good weekend. What colour should I make tomorrows ‘Monday Speedo Colour’?

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