To me there seems to be a trend from guys wearing speedos to guys wearing a squarecut style speedo – do you guys feel that as well?

The question I was pondering today as I saw these two ‘group speedo photos’ was weather or not square cuts are more ‘acceptable’ than briefs.

I suppose in Australia it is either boardies or speedos – I can’t even remember seeing a pair of squarecuts. However, when I was in Mexico a few years back there were young guys wearing squarecuts.

Read the blog post about my Mexico trip by clicking here.

The only pair of squarecut swimwear I’ve ever owned are my black ones which I’m wearing right now – I like to immerse myself when I’m writing on my blog.

I’ve very interested to hear what you guys think.

3 thoughts on “Squarecut vs Speedos”
  1. I’ve never worn any speedo-type of bathing suit, but just bought my first square cut suit for doing laps in my pool. I really love it, but wouldn’t wear it to the beach. My kids think it looks funny.

  2. Speedos look much better on guys who can wear them. Squarecuts lookin very old and uncomfortable, I think. So lets keep on speedoing!

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