Today I caught up with Alex at the pool.

He is super excited about Kip arriving and all the fun that the three of us are going to get up to.

Today at the pool we got caught in a conversation after we got out of the water.  I wonder what other people think at the pool, not that there are many people about at midday on a Wednesday.  Both of us were wearing black speedos (Alex in his nylon AussieBums, me wearing a pair of lycra Arenas).  Even though we were just talking Alex had his towel around his waist but I’m a little more of a show off and I just had my towel over my shoulder.

If I saw two guys hanging out like that, I would be following them into the changerooms, slipping a note in their bags at the pool or even slipping a note onto their car.

I’ve never actually done those things, have any of you guys ‘stalked’ a hot guy you’ve seen at the gym or pool?

Graffiti SpeedoSwimmer CoupleWhite Speedo Guys

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