Kip has ducked down to Denver for a few days so I have the house to myself.

I’ve just finished an early dinner of steak (fillet mignon), sweet potato mash with garlic shrimp. This was THE BEST STEAK I have ever had. Somehow I cooked it perfectly on the BBQ (I mean the grill) and it was like butter!!!

Steak, Speedos and Sex

I’ve done the dishes and in about half an hour I have “BiBoarder” (his Grindr username) coming over for some speedo fun. We’ve been talking the last couple of days and he looks hot and he has some speedos which he is going to wear – they are blue nike speedos…..

Blue Nike Speedos

I’m going to wear my ADIDAS three stripe but I’m looking forward to trying on the nike speedos since I’ve never worn a pair.

No doubt things will end up with us in the hottub…..

Could be another member of our sex club – Kip and I are hoping to have our first ‘gathering’ next Tuesday. I’ll keep you guys posted. Hope you guys have a fun Friday night as well.Pool Sex

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