My mate Tom and his girlfriend just left for their drive back to Brisbane. They aren’t quite sure if they’ll make it all the way home tonight but fingers crossed.

Yesterday I wanted to tell you about Tom bringing out a pair of black speedo solars but I ended up running out of time.

The “speedo’solar’ is a speedo that has a 1” side. It is distinguishable because it has a seam down the front and the back – normal speedos have the seam on the hips. They are really hot!!!

So, yesterday morning I woke up after a bit of a session with Tom, his girlfriend and a handful of local mates having stayed a little late after a BBQ dinner. I woke up and I was going to go for a swim. Turns out Tom is already up and when he hears that I am going for a swim he said he’ll come along.

Since I live on the beach I am already in my boardies and no shirt. Then to my surprise Tom comes out of the spare room wearing nothing but a black speedo solar!!!!

I didn’t say anything or make a big deal out of it although I did wish that I was wearing a speedo instead of my boardies.

We went for a swim and came back to the house and you wouldn’t have known anything was different.

Today, I was prepared so this morning when we went for a swim I was wearing a pair of my AussieBum Portsea’s. Again nothing was said but the funny thing was, when we got back to the house, the two of us wearing only a speedo each, Tom’s girlfriend was in the kitchen making tea and coffee.

Tom and his girlfriend think that I’m 100% str8 and I don’t think that scenario (where nobody thought anything of it) would happen in most places in the world. Awesome!!!!

Here are some pics of guys wearing the speedo solar for those of you who aren’t quite sure what I’m talking about.

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