From the feedback that I get on this blog and through my other sites – it seems as though there is a bunch of followers/readers who are speedo enthusiasts and who are also married.

As you guys know, I consider myself bisexual but many of these married guys love the blog but are hetrosexual married men – they just love speedos.

I think it is awesome and the more married or str8 guys wearing speedos the more and more common I would think they would be.

I’m trying to put together a nice little interview/questionaire and if any of you ‘married guys who love speedos’ are interested I’d love to ‘interview’ you. Obviously nothing personal or giving away your identity.

Also, if anyone would like to ask a question – leave a comment on this post and I’ll see what I can do.

It is an absolutely beautiful winters day here on the coast – blue ski, no wind so I think I’m going to go for a walk, maybe grab some fish and chips up at the Haven.

2 thoughts on “Str8 Guys Who Love Speedos”
  1. I am married and have worn sppedos for years. My wife helps me pick them out. She is a bit more hesitant about me wearing them to the beach, but I do wear them around the house on hot summer nights, much to her delight.

  2. Love them here too and I’m married. Been wearing them for years. I’m a lap-swimmer, so I put them to good use, but slip them on when at a liberal beach. Too many families, though, and it’s board shorts.
    I’d love to answer a questionnaire.

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