I promised about telling the speedo party and this morning I woke up at about 5am and my head is feeling much better than on Sunday and even on Monday I wasn’t quite 100%.

The speedo party worked out great. There were probably 25 people there – maybe 10 girls and 15 guys. Maybe 5 of the guys were gay and the rest str8. 5 of the str8 boys turned up not wearing speedos and were told they weren’t allowed in unless they speedo’d it up. Thankfully Kip and I had a nice supply of speedos for those guys and since they saw that everyone was in speedos nobody complained.

Kip’s sisters new man was one of the guys who rocked up not in speedos but he speedo’d it up when he realised we were serious that he wouldn’t be allowed in unless he put on a pair of speedos. It did help that Kip’s sister thought it was a great idea and was very supportive of implementing the ‘speedo only’ rule.

Kip had cranked the heat up in the house so it was nice and warm and the hottub was open with spare towels out for some hottub action later on.

2 guys from Denver who are fans of the blog that Kip knows came up for the party – they were super excited and were both wearing AussieBums with ‘AussieBum’ on the bum.

Well guys I’ve gotten caught up and now I have to go for a snowboard. It is snowing outside – whooohoooo!!!!

Will finish this off tomorrow – I always post stuff first on my site SwimmerBoyz.com so if you are a member you’ll probably get to read all the juicy details later this afternoon when I get back to the condo.

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