It is before 7am on a Friday morning here – what the hell am I doing up this early?!?!?!

I just went for a quick dip but it is still a little too cold to be enjoyable but it did wake me up. It is another stunning day.

I’m up early because I’m off to play golf today. What a way to ruin a beautiful day. I have absolutely no time for golf at all but a good friend of mine and I are going to play with his Dad at some fancy course a little to the north of here. I’ve never been on this property but it does overlook the beach and there are some 120 bunkers on the course which sounds scary. I lost my virginity on the beach, it wasn’t too fond a memory and the sand in these bunkers might prove to get in my crack as well.

As for the rest of the weekend my plans are up in the air – someone is having a birthday so we’ll probably head out to the pub tonight and then on Saturday I’m either going camping (again I don’t know where I’m just tagging along) or going dirt bike riding. Either way should be fun and I am LOVING this weather.

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