Today Kip and I stopped in at a hotel on the ski mountain called the Sundeck.  It is an older building but has a great location and we had lunch there today.

Back when I was 18yo, I stayed at the Sundeck on a ‘boys’ trip with my Dad and a friend of his for a weeks skiing and snowboarding.  It was awesome!!!  The snow was great and the hotel was just a blast being 100% ski in/ski out.

Sundeck Hotel

I was probably the only guest that week under 40yo and there was this very cute blonde who worked at the hotel and a bunch of the guests thought it would be fun to egg the two of us on.  Being 18yo I was completely clueless through the beginning of the week and only after this blonde came snowboarding with me and we had a bit of a session on her day off did I realise that she liked me.

I have to say, she was gorgeous.  Classic, Aussie, beach babe.  She had her profile in a couple of surfing magazines and she was very pretty.

So the day that we had a few drinks after the lifts closed we were the last ones up in the hotel but since she lived in a dorm with 3 other staff members in one room and the room that we had was tiny with my Dad and his mate there as well so that was out of the question.  In the end we had to concede defeat and go to bed separately, and horny.

The next morning we all wake up and I’m a little bit hungover but being 18yo that didn’t matter.  I skipped breakfast but had a snowboarding lesson (with this cute Austrian chick called Andrea) at 8:30 which I wasn’t going to miss.

My Dad and his mate left about 8am to go to their skiing lessons and I was lying in bed about to get up when the cute blonde knocked on the door and then walked in.

When I’m on my death bed in 70 years time, what I did next will be something that I will still regret.

The cute blonde comes in and sits on my bed.  I’m wearing a pair of shorts and I was sporting a morning boner but that was out of sight.

We were talking and the cute blonde mentions that we had 30cms (a foot) of snow overnight.  At the time I was obsessed with snowboarding, I still am but back then I had never had a ‘real’ powder day.

So I jumped out of bed, threw on my snowboarding pants and jacket and was out of the room heading towards the lockerroom in maybe 30 seconds.  Cute blonde left sitting on my bed.

It was an amazing day and something I still remember.

After that, cute blonde was rather curt towards me.  Being 18yo and dumb as dog shit I didn’t know why.  I remember talking to my Dad’s mate about it and telling him the story exactly as I’ve told you.

His response was “You stupid bastard!!”

It was only then that I realised that she had watched my Dad and his mate leave the hotel, assume that I was in my room alone and came in for some action.

I’m an idiot!!!

At the time I had more cute blondes than powder days – that ratio is completely the opposite these days and what I would do to have that morning over again.

So being back at the Sundeck Hotel brought back some wonderful memories and while at the bar I shared that story with Kip and a couple of guys who we just met sitting there.  Laughs all ’round at my expense.

Yes, cute blonde looked as good as this chick in these pictures.  If she is reading this blog, please know that I regret what I did – hahaha.

Snow BunnyHot Snow BunnyHot Blonde Snow BunnySnow Buddy

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