I’m up early again and it is a grey old Sunday morning.

The kind of day you just want to lie in bed, read the paper, do naughty things to the person who woke up next to you.  Last night Kip and I did update our Grindr profiles and we did have a visitor late in the night.  A guy from Colorado Springs who was in town with a bunch of friends for the weekend.  He was out on the town but checking his Grindr account and since Kip lives like 2 minute walk from Main Street it wasn’t too much trouble for him to drop around.

Why doesn’t this happen between guys and girls and only between guys and guys?

Nothing really planned for today except watch the F1 replay at 11am, then we’ll see what we can get up to.

In the pic below – I love the tan lines on the chick on the left in the pink one piece!!!

Girls and Speedo HunkSwimming AthletesSpeedo Hunk with Girls

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