I can’t believe I’m up this early – I must be still drunk I think.

Ended up at the local pub last night, Natalie was there and is still in my bed as I write this. I’m still not sure what is going on with her boyfriend – women are far too complex.  Saying that though – she goes off like a firecracker when she is drunk.

Anyway, as long as it warms up a bit (yeah it is 6C outside (44F or there abouts) but it is supposed to warm up and I have some mates from Sydney coming up for a BBQ, watch some rugby and play some beach cricket.

Although speedos are completely acceptable attire at the local pool here, they aren’t quite appropriate for an afternoon with friends on the beach so I won’t be beach cricketting in my speedos unfortunately – how awesome would that be though!!! I think it could even be a spectator sport like the beach volleyball. Which gets me thinking – the girls in beachvolley ball wear tiny bikini’s – I think those blokes should wear speedos. That would make it more acceptable for the rest of us to speedo it up.

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