Just wanted to remind you guys that members of my site SwimmerBoyz.com are recieving a free pair of my white DE Swimwear. They are white, see through and very see through – hahaha. If you are already a member of the site drop me an email with your address.

I’ve had about 2 dozen guys get in touch with me this week already and those swimmers will be in the mail on Monday – I’m even covering the postage I’m so nice.

Nothing much happening here in Colorado today – Kip and I were thinking of climbing a 14’er (a peak over 14,000 feet which is aparently a big thing here in Colorado). Unforunately, the weather today was a bit overcast but we’ll knock one off next week – maybe a speedo pose on the summit if there aren’t too many people about.

Here are some old white speedo photos for you guys – I think Kip and I are hitting the town tonight and we’ll wear white speedos and see if they get us any attention.

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