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I’d been traveling a lot for work and had missed too many swim practices and was craving the pool. I got in from a business trip about mid morning and thought I’d skip going to the office and head to the pool. I put on my black Dolphin swimsuit, pulled some gym shorts over them and drove to the local pool.

Out of ten lanes, only three were taken. I love a calm morning at the pool. I slipped into the water and began my workout.

As I was swimming, I noticed the younger life guard staring at me when I was doing my intervals. I looked up his way and he smiled. He was cute, maybe 20-21 and wearing just some short red life guard shorts. He had longer hair and a smooth body. I thought I was maybe imaging things so I continued my workout. When I was cooling down, I notice he was still staring, and embarrassed I got out of the water and started heading for the locker room. Just then a younger girl came to replace him at his station and jumped down from his seat as I was walking by.

As I walked towards the locker room, I heard him ask, Hey suppose you can give me a hand?

I turned around to see him trying to haul the lap lane clock towards the storage room. Even though I was only in my speedo and flip flops, I thought it would be strange to say no so I dropped my bag and grabbed the other end. Once inside we sat the clock down and he shut the door behind us. I was a little confused, but also excited. He dropped his shorts to reveal just a red speedo from the local university. Hmm, on the swim team I suppose, and you could tell from his awesome body. He was already becoming hard and came right out and said, I’ve been watching you swim. I’ve seen you here with the gay swim team, and I noticed you looking at me so I know you want me. My bulge began to grow and he walked towards me and pressed my cock through my speedo. I let out a groan. He got down on his knees and started licking my cock through my suit, nibbling up and down. I was hard as a rock.

I could see the head of his cock coming out of his red speedo now. I began to rub it with my toes. He pulled down my suit and took my cock down his throat. I couldn’t believe this was happening. He was incredible with his tongue, I was about to cum, so I stopped him. I flipped him around and pulled down his suit. His hole was smooth and puckering. I began to slowly lick, and dab in and out of his hole with my tongue. He was groaning and I knew I was taking him there. I pushed deeper with my tongue and he pushed into my face. Incredible.

He turned his face to me and said, “I want you inside me, now!”

I stood up and slowly pressed my cock into his tight hole. He winced, but pushed against me. Before long I we were fucking like crazy. I picked him up and flipped him on his back on a table in the storage room and pushed back inside and pulled his legs toward me. I could feel my balls slapping on his ass and looked down as my speedo was around my ankles. Soooo Hot. Sweat was pouring off his chest and face and he begged me to go faster and deeper. I began to stroke his cock with my left hand and he said he was going to cum. This sent me over the edge and I pulled out and blew my load on his chest just as he was cumming. I fell on top of him and kissed him and thanked him for the great after workout fuck.

Thank god there was a back door from the storage room into the locker room. We headed in and showered off and I got his number and left. I’ll have to do mid-morning workouts more often!

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