It was a pair of these AussieBum Portsea’s that caused me to start this block back in April/May 2005. An amazing steamroom threesome with my roommates and I was wearing a pair of Portsea’s.

I just love these speedos – they are loose in the front and they aren’t that ‘flamboyant’ that I can’t wear them at the pool. Actually I’m going to wear mine at the pool this afternoon.

These speedos are in the ‘Loose’ range from AussieBum. You can also get them in the ‘Booster Jock’ Loose range. I’ve had these and I personally find they get a little uncomfortable if you wear speedos all the time like I do. But they look great.

I’ve been thinking that AussieBum is getting more and more expensive these days and at AU$36 they are still OK but getting up there. For those of you in the US they are up near $40.

Having owned 3 or 4 pairs of these I can testify that they last for ever – I’ve even had them fade before the material breaks down. Being nylon they don’t stretch too much either so no need to buy them smaller than your normal size.

You can’t order these with the logo on the front but one of my members works at AussieBum and send me some through. Here are the Portsea’s that I own…..

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