Sorry for not posting my detailed description of how I woke up in my bed on Sunday morning with 2 strange, male bodies in my bed but it has been DUMPING up here. Kip and I just walked in the door from riding A-Basin this morning which was awesome but a little busy (I’ve never seen the road up there like this before and neither has Kip).

This afternoon I might have some time to sit down and write about last weekend.

Ow, and we are going to Moab this weekend (or Monument or Capital Reef – I’ve never been there so I’m not sure, Kip has it all sorted).

OK guys – I’ve gotta go, I’ll talk later or tomorrow.

Some speedo eye candy – I really like this guy but it is a shame that someone wrote all over him – what do you think?

Speedo TattooSpeedo Tattoos

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