Wow I can’t believe how busy I have been the last week or so.

My big surprise for you guys has been delayed, hopefully I’ll have it finished this afternoon and then I’ll share it with you guys tomorrow. Although, this has been a big weekend of sports, this morning I woke Kip up to watch some rugby (Wales v England). Not that I care for either team but it was nice to watch some rugby and tonight is the Australian Formula One which I’m going to try and stay up for.

The town here is super busy with folks on Spring Break, no it isn’t like a Girls Gone Wild video, it just means town is full of families, the grocery store is slammed and there are sooooooo many douche bags (see my American language skills are improving). Kip calls it Texas week but I kinda like the Texans.

Not much for me to post here – ow, I am working on a mobile version of and last week I made all my blogs mobile compatable. I’d love to hear what you guys think of the new mobile version of the site but you can’t until I fix the darn comments part of this site. I spent an hour on it yesterday and I really don’t have any idea what is wrong/missing.

Enjoy your Saturday guys.

I wouldn’t ever leave you hanging some some speedo eye candy – how freakin’ hot is this guy!!!!

See Through Speedo - White Speedo

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