I got the idea for this post from one of the dozen or so negative comments I get a week.

The usual religious wackos, anti-gay guys, jealous people and just nasty people who obviously enjoy reading my blog and taking time out of their lives to message me.  One of the comments last week on my post about returning to Aussie in February was a very happy person saying how much the Aussie media is looking forward to my return in light of something that happened over 2 years ago.

2 years ago the Evil Speedo Corporate sued me in the Australian High Court over using the word speedo.  I emailed the judge and told him that obviously I couldn’t afford to defend myself and that my use of the word speedo was in the generic context.  The judge was nice but told me it didn’t matter.  I might have hinted that his judgement wouldn’t really matter either as I thought it would be difficult to impose any restrictions or penalties.

I did go to the court, nobody recognised me although I was probably the only person in the court room wearing speedos (under my jeans).  The Evil Speedo Corporation had a full table of expensive lawyers and my poor table had nobody.  The judge ruled in their favour, I was never allowed to utter the word speedo ever again.

Doesn’t really seem like much has changed.

What I found quite ironic was that the mainstream press I received in Australia and the UK (where the Evil Speedo Corporation is based after some faceless conglomerate bought the iconic Australian brand) was fantastic for business.

Back to the nasty comment I received last week, I really don’t think the Australian media will be at the airport waiting for me – would be good for business though.

Hope you guys had a good weekend, I had a big one on Friday night and now that it is Sunday afternoon I’m starting to feel normal again.

Here are some guys wearing speedos for you guys (not Speedo speedos).

Andrew Christian SpeedosAussieBums at BeachTyr SpeedosNike Speedo

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