I know a few of you guys here follow and contribute to TheSpeedoForum.com. It is a free forum for guys like us. I’m just doing some work on it this weekend and won’t be accepting new members (free). If you try and join, just come back early next week. Spam from automated bots has always been an issue with the forum and this last week it has gotten out of control, mostly chinese and russian crap, even selling Ugg boots.

If there are any speedo companies out there, I’m more than happy for you to promote your products on the forum.

This morning I was reading through some posts, I read it every day, and I had a question about my own DE Swimwear. I’m still running that offer, if you join SwimmerBoyz.com for a month or more, I’ll send you a pair of DE Swimwear for free, and I’ll even pick up the shipping. You just have to join, shoot me an email (email address is DaveEvans@SwimmerBoyz.com), your address and if you’d like a logo on the bum or not.

I’m trying to run down the current stock, which is only in size large, because I have been working on a whole new line which I’m super excited about.

And of course, by joining SwimmerBoyz.com, you are supporting this blog so I can keep it free.

Thanks guys and have a good weekend, I have been well behaved all week and might let my hair down tonight – hehehe.

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