All week I have been looking forward to Jaime tieing me up.

I’ve been really trying to hold off from masturbating for a couple of days before we catch up and this week it was really really HARD.  Perhaps that wasn’t the most appropriate choice of words.

Somehow I managed not to jack off after Wednesday morning – haha – which means I didn’t jack off on Thursday.  That is about the best I can do these days. 

There really wasn’t much foreplay except Jaime stripping me down to my speedos before she handcuffed me to the bedhead.  That was the extent of how much I expected to be tied up but Jaime had thought about this.  I was blindfolded and then I felt some rope being tied around my right knee and then it was pull up half way to my arm pit – the same was repeated to my left leg.  What an amazing feeling of being dominated and exposed.

Jaime licked my cock through the lycra of my speedos but my cock really didn’t need much attention as it was rock hard before she had even taken off my jeans.  Then Jaime straddled my face and made me eat her pussy until she came about 5 or 10 minutes later.  My face was absolutely covered in her pussy juice which she was nice enuf to come and lick it up.

After licking my face Jaime got up and it seemed as though she left the room.  My face was still all sticky and smelt like pussy (Jaime’s pussy doesn’t have a very strong smell – compared to other girls I’ve been with).

It was a little while before I heard anything from Jaime but it was long enuf that my cock had softened, slightly.

OK guys I’ve got to duck off – I’ll finish writing this tomorrow.  Right now I’m hard as a rock and better go ‘relieve’ myself.

4 thoughts on “Tied up”
  1. straight goes tricked into gay sex We picked up this really cute guy the other day. At that point Jamie started sucking on his dick for a while then when Don took the blindfold off he really didnt seem all that pissed.

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