I suppose we have all had enough of the election talk so I won’t go into it, and I know a lot of you guys disagree with my option on the matter. All I will say is that I think American made a mistake and I hope it isn’t just four more years and that I’m wrong.

The main thing is that we actually work together…. Like this groups of guys in their speedos. Although the 2 guys in the boardies don’t look anywhere near as hot.

Not much has been happening here, Kip and I got hammered on Monday night. So hammered that I barely got out of bed yesterday and even today I’m not feeling 100%. I’m going to go for a walk into town once I finish this post and hopefully a bit of fresh air and some sunshine will get me back to 100%.

One thought on “Time to fix stuff”
  1. Definitely was a mistake to leave people in control of US federal spending who are sending us hurtling toward bankruptcy, buying the votes of the indolent with our money (and the proceeds of bond sales to China). It’s quite a bit like what Argentina did a few years ago with Cristina Fernandez. Free stuff for everybody sounded like a good thing at the time to the masses. Now they have 25% inflation and 700,000 people demonstrating in the streets.

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