The last couple of weeks have been amazing here in Queenstown. Blue sky, no wind and today is supposed to get to 24C (about 80F ) even though it did get to -2C overnight (28F).

Yesterday I went for a hike walk around the lake and there were boats out on the lake and even some folks water skiing. At the end of my walk I was hot and would have loved a swim but the water is super super cold!!! I’m told it is like that all summer as well – even in the middle of summer people will water ski in a dry suit.

Now that the mountain has closed I think I should move on.

The obvious choice is the north coast of Sydney, where I was before I came over here. I have a great bunch of friends there, the beach is fantastic, it isn’t too expensive to rent within walking distance of the beach (or maybe even on the beach). But I was wondering if you guys have any suggestions?

I hear South America is much more speedo friendly or maybe even somewhere in the Carribean. I’m pretty open to suggestions as long as it has a decent internet connection and the more speedo friendly the better. If there is a surf break that is nice but not the be all and end all.

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