Two posts ago (scroll down) I posted one of the hottest speedo pics I’ve ever seen. And as you can imagine, I’ve seen my fair share of speedo pics – hehehehe.

I had no idea what type of speedo it was but one of you guys figured it out and it is an Aqux brand –

I’ve never had an Aqux speedo and from what I’m told, I’d have to get a pretty big size being a Japanese speedo that is tiny.

Unfortunately, these speedos are out of stock but I’ll keep an eye on them to see if they become available.

I’ll post some Wicked Weasel pics tomorrow guys.

One thought on “Tiny Asian Style Speedos – Aqux”
  1. These speedos are hot. I love a speedo that rides low and reveals pubes and bum crack – even displaying the mound of the cock looks good with the right body. I’ve always achieved this by buying them as small as possible – there’s nothing worse than just pulling down a regular pair. But these would do nicely – and even better if they became popular, we could feast our eyes on the display. What do people think of bum crack? Is it sexy?

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