Since I haven’t had a release in a few weeks and my masturbation was getting a little bit out of hand – 4 or more times a day – mostly started every time I think about the threesome with Alex and Tim 3 weeks ago I shot a text to the couple that I hooked up with a month or so ago.

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Anyway, I hadn’t caught up with those guys since that first time but it was pretty hot and kind of the opposite to what I’m doing with Alex.  These two guys are a gay couple, completely out and know what they want.

One thing I didn’t mention in that first post was just how hung one of the guys is.

I suppose I haven’t ever seen him completely limp or after a cold shower in his speedo but I have seen him semi hard and it is impressive and stretches the front of his speedo.  Last night the three of us were playing around in speedos, they knew that from my original Grindr post and it is kind of nice of them to speedo it up for me.  After some fooling around the three of us were pretty hard.  The other guy and I filled our speedos to the brim but the hung guy couldn’t be contained by his speedo.

Do any of you guys have this issue?  I suppose I have done with a nylon or waterpolo speedo but in a lycra speedo I can normally manage to tuck my hard cock in there somehow.

That huge cock…. I took ALL of it.  Hehehe.

Speedo Penis Cock out of speedos Penis in Speedo

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