Friday afternoon has finally arrived.

After being excited about a big, productive week, I’ve been sick as a dog!!!  I even went to the doctors and I can’t remember the last time I went to the doctor because I was actually sick.

Who would have thought that moving to the middle of an Australian summer would result in me getting a cold.

Anyway I’m feeling better now, about 80% I suppose.  I’m going to have a quiet one tonight and then a game of golf (I hate golf but I like walking around a golf course with a beer in my hand) tomorrow at some fancy Greg Normal course up north which I’ve been invited to play.

I hope you guys had a more productive week and I’ll have more adventures to share now that I’m back on my feet.

I love the idea of a str8 acting and looking guy wearing speedos under his street clothes – I know whenever I’ve picked up a guy out and generally getting a positive response when we’ve gotten home and taken off our jeans…..

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