Last week I got to fuck Alex and Tim on Wednesday and I came close to having sex with one (or both) of my neighbours on Friday (Saturday morning).

It was a usual Friday here, the boys came over to watch footy, then we headed out to the pub.  Usual night out, I’m slowly meeting more people outside the ‘group’ which is great. The rest of the guys grew up here so they know everyone which can be a good thing for me as well.

We called it quits just before the pub closed and instead of going for a Kebab like normal I wasn’t hungry so just started walking home along the beach.  When I got to my place I walked up from the beach and a girl was outside my neighbours smoking.  I said hello and at the sound of my voice one of the girls who lives there came out.

The girls are hot and really nice but I haven’t had an ‘in’ so nothing has really happened.

The neighbour introduced me to the smoking chick and then asked if I had any wine she could borrow.  Now I always keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge, just for these types of emergencies (I also keep a bottle of scotch with the spare wheel in my car).  I went back to my place, poured myself a drink and walked next door with the champagne.

Turns out the girls were having a ‘girls night in’ for someones birthday and there were 4 girls (2 of whom being my neighbours, the smoker and one more who I’ve never seen).  Being the bearer of champagne I did make a good entry and the girls told me to stay joking that they had enough girl time and needed some male input or whatever.

The girls sat me on the couch with a hot girl on each side of me and they were playing a game, I’m not sure if it has a name, where you go around the circle and ask a question.  If you answer yes you have to have a sip of your drink.

Things were pretty x-rated straight off the bat but lots of fun and lots of laughter.

Then the question was “Have you kissed a boy?”

All four girls had a sip of their drink…. and so did I to much amusement of all present.

I had the next question and asked “Have you kissed a girl?”  All but one of the girls took a sip.  Lots of laughter again and the girl who hadn’t kissed another girl was laughing.  It had to be corrected of course and one of my neighbours stood up and made the girl stand up and they both made out.

That is one of the most awesome things I have seen recently!!!!

Now I have to go and jerk off because just repeating the story has gotten me all hot and bothered.  I’ll write more about it tomorrow but if you’ve had a naughty or strip game I’d love to hear about it.

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