Have any of you guys read Tucker Max?

It was 2 years ago that a friend of mine in San Fran loaned me “I hope they serve beer in hell”.  I was doing a bit of a road trip at the time heading from San Fran over to Colorado to visit Kip (my server administrator).  The first part of the drive my San Fran friends took me to lunch in Napa at some winery and that afternoon I drove to Reno.  I’ve been to Vegas a few times but never to Reno.

Being a Wednesday the place was super quiet.  I booked a $90 hotel room and since it was soooo quiet, $90 got me this massive corner suite apartment.  The thing was amazing, huge bathtub right next to the king sized bed, a bathroom the size of some houses I’ve lived in and althought not a Vegas view it was a nice enough view.

The next day I had to drive to Salt Lake City so I didn’t really want to have a huge night.  So I sat down, poured myself some scotch and started reading Tucker Max’s first book ‘I hope they server beer in hell’.

2hrs later, I was on my 4th scotch, laughing out loud and pumped to go out and tear up Reno.  Anyone who has read Tucker Max will understand why.

So, I headed down to the casino floor, I found a bar which had 2 people in it (including the 2 bar staff), I sat down, ordered a scotch and started talking to the bar keep.  I asked him if there was anywhere that might have more people in it on a Wednesday night in Reno.  He said ‘maybe’ if it was Friday or Saturday – perhaps even Thursday but since it was Wednesday I was dead out of luck.

My Tucker Max buzz was killed.

Where I’m writing this, the sun has gone down and it is starting to get cold so I should get off the roof.

I’ll continue this tomorrow…..

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