I did make it Salt Lake city and I’m sitting in the hotel right now watching some college football and I’m horny as hell again because of what I got up to last night.

So I went out again to the same bar I went to last night, the fat chicks weren’t there but I did end up randomly talking to this girl about my age, OK looking and for some reason or another we ended up talking politics and we were polar opposites.

It was kinda fun and didn’t get too heated and she ended up back in my room having a late night drink. One thing turned to another and she ended up in my bed. I had jacked off a lot earlier that day and I had a few to drink so I definitely had my whiskey dick going on. I did work my ‘Aussie Kiss’ (just like a French Kiss only down under) and she complimented me a lot for my performance in that area.

She was very keen to get me off despite my promises that I’d get some satisfaction in the morning. She played with my flaccid members for ages and finally I asked her what he ultimate fantasy was. I did tell her that I work in porn earlier.

Two guys was her answer.

It was a little to her surprise that I told her I thought that was hot and that I’d had my share of threesomes with 2 guys. This really perked up her interested and it started perking up my cock as well. She wanted to know all about my experiences and I started to tell her about my first threesome with the couple in Canada in the steam room.

By now I was finally hard enough to fuck her and she put on a rubber and started riding my cock. It didn’t take me as long as I thought but while she was riding my I was imagining her sucking Kip’s cock.

We both fell asleep pretty soon after I came and this morning I woke up and she was gone. No note or anything. Bit of a shame because I would have loved to help her fulfill her fantasy.

I hope Kip has been doing some Yoga or some stretching because he is going to get one hell of a fucking when I get to his place tomorrow.

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