After fixing my online dating profile and adding some new pics I finally have gotten some responses.

As usual there are a bunch of one line messages from guys who don’t fill in their own profile or send me a pic of them which I completely ignore. I’m thinking if someone is too lazy to fill in a profile and add a photo then they don’t really have their heart in it when it comes to looking for a casual, no strings hookup.

The most promising/exciting ‘prospect’ is two Aussie guys that are in town for gay ski week and would be keen for me to join them. They are both in their mid/late 30’s, staying at a nice hotel in town, both look pretty hot and they understand my passion for speedo sex.

I’m meeting them for a drink after dinner and we’ll see where things lead – I haven’t had any for 3 weeks now, I hope I still know how to do it.

And hopefully when the speedos are removed tonight, I’ll get to be the pig, on the spit…..

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